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Within the Milky Way by smabla Within the Milky Way by smabla
The Wire Artisans Guild’s monthly challenge – Milky Way.

Those of you that have visited my shop previously, know I have a necklace called Milky Way. Well, I made that necklace this summer and listed it without realizing we had switched from weekly to monthly challenges in the Guild and that I was listing my entry several weeks too early. As that necklace now has been listed some time, I really felt it was time to make something new.

This time, I started to think about what lay between the stars, of the vast emptiness out there. Because let’s face it – it is mostly nothing out there - just empty dark space, interrupted by brightly shining galaxies. Even our own galaxy, however bright it looks from Earth a dark autumn night, with all its stars and planets swirling around its galactic centre, is filled with emptiness.

This heavily oxidised bracelet, with its clusters of white, luscious Freshwater Pearls is handmade from scratch in sterling silver wire. I started by giving the bracelet its wavy shape and then wire wrapped and wove it with hair thin sterling silver wire. As I wrapped and wove I placed the pearls asymmetrically along the band, without thinking or planning to create a very organic feel to the bracelet.

The bracelet is flexible and will fit just about every size wrist. In the pictures, the side-to-side diameter is 5.5 cm (2.2”;) and top-to-bottom diameter is about 5 cm (2”;). The widest part of the band is 2.2 cm (0.9”;).

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February 4, 2009
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